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Alabama Health Insurance

Based in Birmingham for over 35 years, Alabama Health Insurance has long been one of the most trusted providers of health insurance in the Heart of Dixie.

The state of Alabama has a rich and diverse cultural heritage, and we at Alabama Health Insurance are proud to serve this community by ensuring each and every citizen has the right to comprehensive, affordable health insurance. Our reputation as Alabama’s premier insurers is an honor that we strive to maintain, and have done for decades.

We use the most up-to-date methods to provide our clients with FREE real time quotes, which we follow up with a dedicated, professional and personal service from our accredited insurance experts. We will do the hard work for you; your security and peace of mind is our pleasure.

As the #1 provider of Alabama health plans, we know our trade inside out and will find you the most appropriate policy for your money. Most of us have a budget for health insurance, but recent investigations showed that 60% of insured citizens aren’t getting the best plan within their allotted budget. We help ensure that you don’t waste money on insurance you don’t need, or overlook insurance that you do.

Alabama Group Health Insurance We are specialists in all fields of insurance in the state, particularly Alabama medical insurance, Alabama family health insurance and all other types of Alabama health plans. As insurance legislation varies from state to state, it is always advisable to trust a local agent, who knows the locale and its policies best.

Whether you live in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Tuscaloosa or anywhere else in this beautiful state, we have the knowledge to provide results, as any one of our many thousands of satisfied customers will attest to. We should be your first choice for health insurance in the State of Alabama.

Choosing the ideal health insurance plan can be a difficult task. We provide health insurance quotes based on your budget and requirements in extra quick time. Don’t waste time without adequate coverage; let us find you your perfect plan today. Simply submit the online form at the top of this page and we’ll present you with a number of quotes and guide you through the necessary steps to ensure you leave us satisfied and secure.

Finding the Right Policy for You

"Nothing beats the security you feel in knowing that you have comprehensive insurance coverage. Shop with us and you can make great savings too!"

The Alabama Health Insurance Team